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In 2011, the original ChampionRoc.com site was abandoned and went offline around 2013. We decided that the information there needed to be preserved and kept up to date, so I created this site. In 2013, the original curators gave us the go ahead to copy the information that they collected through the years to keep the site alive. It would’ve been a shame to lose all of that information.

Enjoy all of the USDGC information that is on here. Most of the information from 2005 – present can be found in the collector guides on the USDGC Page. There is also a link to each year’s guide on each year’s page.

This page is solely built, run, and paid for by myself, Kevin Waring, at KWsDiscGolf.com. Any donations or patronage to my store would definitely help. Thank you!

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Thank you to the USDGC, the original curators and info sharers, and to my cohort Jeff Nelson for his expanse knowledge and photos. If you have any solid information that I should add to the guide, or change in the guide, you can contact me at: KWsDiscGolf@gmail.com

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