2001 Zone Driven

The list is no longer online, but this is a sample little snapshot of the original list.

Jeff Nelson is considering making a new registry. If you have one and would like to be added, contact kevin@kwsdiscgolf.com


Random info copied from the original page.

These numbers were gathered by Zone Driven Sports, with the support of all known owners and other knowledgeable collectors. All information is accurate to the very best of our knowledge. If you wish to provide additional information about these discs please contact mainzone@zonedriven.com.

If you own a 2001 ZoneDriven “Clear” Champion Roc and would like to have it added to the registry, please contact us at mainzone@zonedriven.com. If the disc proves to be authentic, we will gather the appropriate details, assign your disc an official number, and provide you with a certificate of authenticity. The primary goal of the registry is to preserve the investment of our collectors.

Collector Notes:

Approximately 55 total of the clear 01 ZD ROCS made

Estimated 30 done with the clear ghost stamp while the other 25+ were done with a verity of colors. Like black, blue, silver, and gold foil.

The following information was submitted by Rick Black of Charlotte, NC:

Out of those 55 I know for a fact that 2 have been lost. One in water in Texas and Todd Hardesty lost the other in Monroe (NC). Down to 53 with a known 8 having been thrown or dyed. John McDaniel (Rock Hill, SC) had 2 used dyed 01’s. Paul Piper threw his as well as Kevin Gleason from High Point (sidenote on Kevin’s – someone stole his from his bag in Asheville). Can’t think of the other names of the 4 I have seen thrown or saw in their bags that had been thrown.”

Of all the 01’s that were sold, each had a multitude of production bubbles in the rim with a minimum of 10 bubbles or more, with the exception of one (Super Dave’s) which had 1 small bubble and has become known as the “perfect one”.

$600 would be the new high amount paid for a beveled edge disc (anything made after Innova came into being). The one I sold last year went for $545 and the clear 01 with the black ZD stamp I sold the year before went for $300.

This is the information I have on the clear ZD 01’s and does not include any info on the ghost stamped ZD green 01’s which I’m to understand there were only a few of these 10-12??
Or the Red 01’s or the orange Kangaroo 01’s.

Dave Gilstrap bought about 14 originally at $25.00 each, he gave up two for Barry (Schultz) and Ken (Climo).

Billy (Crump) gave one to Larry Leonard and one to Walter Haney in December of 2001.

Billy (Crump) gave the only clear-lime to Ken Climo for Christmas in 2001.

Paul Piper bought one from SEC (Southeastern Classic) originally, then bought a second as back up. He threw both of his.

ZD-020 was dontated to a silent auction at the 2006 Augusta Pro Worlds to raise money for the International Disc Golf Center. Lavone Wolfe was the high bidder at $300. Sold on eBay to Dan Schmidt in 2006.

ZD-021 was donated to SeeRocCity.com to support their online Roc museum. Brian Collingwood won the contest, who in turn sold the disc on ebay for $812.05.

Three discs were dyed by Innova employees before they were sold. They are ZD-17,23 & 24.

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