Star Stamp

dsc02983dsc04337_zps6753f08702 ce yellow

Champion Edition (CE) Plastic. Supposedly there were 1555 discs made with this stamp. I’m not sure what the numbers were for each of the colors, but the orange is the most common, followed by pink, then yellow.

From Rick Black:

One of the more understable of the CE Rocs. For some reason, the top was more “domey” than the other CE Rocs, more like an Ontario mold. Compared to the 2001, this one looks like a bubble. This disc also felt more “grippy” to me than most of the other CE Rocs. All 2002 CE Rocs are opaque. (You can’t see through them)


02 odoc orange02 odoc pink02 odoc yellow

The ’02 ODOC CE Rocs were stamped on the top and on the bottom. I’m not sure as to the quantity produced, but the orange was the most common, followed by pink, and yellow.

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