Big Bird “CE” Feathers

2003 big bird feathers2003 big bird feathers2

It looks like there were only 12 of these made, making it one of the most rare Champion Rocs out there. The story goes that they made 12 of them with the “CE Roc” in the wing, but then had second thoughts about calling them that. I heard from one source that they didn’t want the Rocs to be confused with the other “CE” plastic that was being made into all the other models. So this was the end of the CE Roc and from then on have been called Champion Rocs.

If you would like to read some information that I archived about the CE to Champion transition, click HERE

Big Bird

2003 big bird

There were about 1000 of these made and have become one of the most popular Rocs to throw.

These Rocs are named just Champion Rocs, although the plastic blend did not change from the initial run with “CE Roc” in the feathers.

From Jonathan Poole of the USDGC:

I would consider them CE because there was no change in the material being used. Our product line was evolving at the time so there were steps along the way that got us to Star > Champion > Pro and so forth. Champion was here to stay so “Edition” no longer made sense.

Zone Driven

2003 zone driven

There were only 100 of these made. It is a highly sought after Roc and the rarest of the ’03’s


2003 odoc

There were 250 of these made.


2003 graffiti

There were 250 of these made.

The stamp was hand drawn by Trey Johnson of Innova East.

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