The official 2005 collector guide can be found HERE


2005 tribal

There were 802 of these made


2005 flagstick

There were 1002 of these made. Some of these had stamps at the top and some had it at the bottom.

Special Blend

2005 special blenddsc022162005 special purple

There were 2033 of these made. 1049 in red, 981 in blue, and only 3 in purple.

Ken Climo 4X Glow

2005 Kenny

There were 1862 of these made. This commemorates Ken Climo’s 4th USDGC title. This was the second champion glow disc produced by Innova.

Ken Climo 4X Glow – Flag


According to ZoneDriven, they dyed approximatey 216 of the regular 2005 Champion Glow Rocs like the one in the picture. This was done after the original production. These are the exact same discs as the regular 2005 glows.

2005 Spectator


There were about 1000 of these made. Supposedly there are a few that were made that are completely opaque.

INNColor Sponsor

2005 Sponsor

This is 1 of 16 InnColor 2005 USDGC Champion Rocs. Innova Champion Discs produced a small run of InnColor Rocs to send to core US Championship sponsors from the disc golf community. Of the 16 discs made, 11 were released. All of the InnColor discs were done on the 2005 run of Champion Rocs. The artwork on the disc shows the 2004 USDGC logo, as it was thanking sponsors for that year’s support. It is NOT a 2004 Champion Roc.

Zone Driven X-Out

2005 ZD

All of these were X-Outs. There were approximately 200-300 of these made.

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