The official 2006 collector guide can be found HERE


2006 Eye

There were 1167 of these made


2006 Throwback.JPG

There were 1159 of these made

Claws Spectator – Special Blend

2006 Claws

These were the spectator release at the ’05 USDGC, but are considered an ’06. There were only red and white ones made

Celtic – Special Blend

2006 Celtic

There were 990 of these made

Hole 7 – Special Blend


There were 967 of these made. This commemorates Hole 7 at Winthrop Gold.

Hole 7 – Glow

2006 Hole7 Glow

There were 543 Of these made. This commemorates hole 7 at Winthrop Gold.

Baby Roc – Star

2006 Baby.JPG

There were 2080 of these made. This was the first Star plastic Roc.

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