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There were 1007 of these made. The stamp was designed by Skeet Scienski.

Here is Skeet’s take on the disc:

“I’ve been dreaming up creatures and ideas for creation since I was 3 years old. Also, discgolf is one of my favorite past times, so working with Innova is a win-win situation. Innova asked me to come up with something that expresses a modern and energetic take on this favorite classic icon. I searched the net for images and came up with the ROC from a hodge podge of animals. The body came from a hawk, the claws are inspired from an owl and the head comes from the newly discovered remains of what can only be describe as the prehistoric ROC. The photo of this ancient bird’s beak measured a whopping 26 inches. I couldn’t resist throwing it all together. Innova also requested something that resembled comic book style ink art. Since ink is my specialty, I had no problem bringing this mythical bird to life.”



Rancho mold. There were 541 of these made. This is a remake of the classic ’01 stamp.

Retr01 – EchoStar


There were 19 of these made



There is no information on the production numbers of this.

West Sayeed


San Marino mold. There were 150 of these made. All 150 of the original stickered ones were pure embossed.

There were an unknown amount of West Sayeed produced that were unnumbered and had no sticker. These were very common

West Sayeed – EchoStar


San Marino mold. It is unknown how many EchoStar’s were produced

Skull and Bones


Produced in all 3 Roc molds. San Marino there were 213 made. Rancho there were 148 made. Ontario there were only 9 made.

Skull and Bones – EchoStar


There were 25 of these made

Mini Roc Army


Rancho mold. There were 120 of these made

Roc Army


Rancho mold. There were 2 of these made

Roc Army – EchoStar


There were 200 of these made

Kenny Five Time


San Marino mold. There were 501 of these made

Kenny Five Time – EchoStar


There were 80 of these made

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